Alcoholic Desserts

Introducing the all new Alcoholic Desserts Catering in Singapore. Having a sweet tooth but want to have some alcohol at the same time? Our Alcoholic Dessert Bar is the perfect addition to your party. This unique way of enjoying alcohol and desserts together will leave a lasting memory to your guest with something they have not seen anywhere else! Why not kill two birds with one stone and just have desserts and some alcohol at the same time? Do contact us if you require further clarifications on the packages and pricing. 

Alcoholic Dessert Menu

Alcoholic Ice Lolly . Cocktails Ice Lolly . Alcoholic Sorbets . Alcoholic Gummy Bears . 
Skittles Shots . Jello Shots . Wine Ice Pops . Cocktails Sorbets . Alcoholic Cupcakes . 
Alcoholic Cookies . Alcoholic Macaroons . Alcoholic Fondue (Khalua, Baileys Chocolate Fountain with Marshmallows)

All flavours can be customized based on request. Popular Desserts suggestions will be the Bourbon Cookies, Mojito Macaroons and Margarita  Cupcakes. The Baileys Fondue will be the talk of your party. All baked and crafted in a NEA-approved location with proper license.

Alternatively, opt for frozen cocktails for your next event! It will be sure to cool you down from the summer heat. All our frozen cocktails are 100% fresh and delicious. Our frozen cocktails are served from a slushie dispenser which keeps them frozen for hours.      

Be it a Daiquiri, Margarita or Tequila flavoured frozen cocktail, these frosty favourites will definitely steal the show. Served by our friendly and outgoing staff from The Shake Affinity, these alcoholic desserts add a novel dimension to your party. 

For enquires on the seasonal flavours available,