Audio-Visual System Rental.   

It is the “voice” of your event and more than just a presenter with a microphone. Having the proper audio gear is half of the success equation. The right audio technicians ultimately have the greatest impact on quality. At The Shake Affinity, we are experts in configuring temporary sound systems for any event. We always take into account venue acoustics, room size, audience setup, and material being presented among other variables.

No event can be considered a success without clear, high-quality audio. Many of the most successful 
companies rely on us to install, set up, and calibrate the sound system to ensure flawless, high-quality audio every time.

We offer flat rate sound rental solutions so your event runs smoothly. We cater to small and medium size events (personal, corporate & non-profits). Let us focus on your sound, so you can focus on your guests.

Our Service Offers

  • Affordable flat rate (the price we give you, is the final price.)
  • 2-way Transportation & Set-up
  • Professional Sound Technician.
  • No deposit needed (if our staff is present during event duration)
  • Friendly and professional service crew