Bartender Market 

Imagine yourself at market, looking for some fruits to detox. Then, heading to the liqour store, you pick up some liqours for your cocktail. Together with freshly juiced fruits which you have chosen earlier, you are now ready to make your very own Retox juice cocktail. In addition to syrups and sodas which enhance the flavours of the cocktail, the novelty factor of this healthy and refreshing addition will definitely make a lasting impression on your guest. 

With the aid of The Shake Affinity’s cold pressed juice extractor and juice mixologist, your guest can concoct their own freshly squeezed juice cocktail from an assortment of citrus, spirits, syrups, fruits and alcohol. 

Bespoke is the name of the game.

Wow your guests and enhance your corporate branding with The Shake Affinity’s Bartender Market. Unleash your creativity and incorporate your marketing campaigns and branding initiatives with the drinks' menu design. Our custom-designed menus (complete with drink descriptions and pictures) displayed on the bar are guaranteed to have your guests talking.

Using only the freshest ingredients, The Shake Affinity takes pride in learning about your guests and their palettes in order to deliver bespoke beverage that caters their preferences. ​Simply pick a fruit and we will make a drink out of it! 

Do contact us if you require further clarifications on the packages and pricing.