Mobile Barbeque Station For Events

Barbequed delights are best served sizzling hot, right off the grill. Even if your residence does not have a barbeque pit, The Shake Affinity offers full rental services for a mobile barbeque station comprising of premium fresh meats, and both indoor and outdoor barbeque equipment.   

Depending on your venue and preferences, you can either opt for either an electric non-stick indoor grill (for fuss-free set-up) or a charcoal outdoor grill (for maximum smokiness and flavour). 

Deluxe Outdoor BBQ Grill Package 
+ BBQ grill body
+ Charcoal grid

+ Stainless steel grid

+ Charcoal

+ Fire Starter
+ BBQ Tongs
+ Stainless Steel BBQ Skewers
+ BBQ Oil & Sauce Brush
+ BBQ Scissor Tongs
+ Bag of Wooden Skewers
+ Aluminium Foil
+ BBQ Fork
+ Gloves

+ BBQ marinade

Premium Indoor BBQ Grill Package

+ Electric Grilling Equipment 
+ Grilling Pan
+ Base plate for marinating and heating
+ Cooking pans
+ Marinating Brush
+ BBQ tongs
+ BBQ skewers
+ BBQ marinade 

Gourmet Ingredient Selection

+ Premium meats: Baby-back ribs, lamb rack, Sakura chicken, wagyu& other beef cuts, chorizo 

+Seafood: Barramundi, Cod, Red Snapper, Venus Clams, Japanese Littleneck Clams (Asari), Mussels, Calamari, Stingray 

+Vegetarian: Corn on cob, Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Kebabs 

*As this list is not exhaustive, do feel free to state your preferences.

Busy entertaining your guests? Fret not! We are here to keep your grill smokin' and meats cookin'. With our professional barbeque chefs attending to your mobile barbeque station, you need not worry about sweaty pits, ruined makeup nor running mascara. 
Simply go hands-free and host your guests with a peace of mind. 

For a carnivorous cookout or vegetarian fiesta, for enquiries regarding mobile barbequing services.