Beers Only Bar 

Love beer? Who doesn't. How about having a beers-only theme for your next party? The best way to end the day is with an cold beer in an ice cold glass. Nothing can get as simple as this. Invite your friends to your place and have some beer, selections will be based on your preference. We do have craft beers as well. 

We will be serving beers all night in a pilsner glass, as well as non alcoholic beers to cater to non-drinkers. To keep those hunger pangs at bay, we provide finger foods and customised canapés according to your preferences.

You provide the area, we will bring the bar to you. That's is all that is required. 
Do if you require further clarifications on our beer packages and pricing. Just remember, beer does not have much nutrition, that is why you must drink plenty of it.