Boutique Gins Bar

Gone are the days when gin was only your grandma’s drink of choice. "Vodka, for grownups.” That’s how some people see gin, the distinctive smell of juniper setting it apart from its clear, odourless neighbour at the bar. We are about to change that mindset.

The Shake Affinity's Mobile Boutique Gin Bar

Introducing our boutique gin bar, we serve you craft gins with homemade fruits and dehydrated garnishes and an assortment of artisanal tonic. Rich and diverse, it’s usually made from grain with complicated botanical flavours overlaying predominant juniper notes. Each distillery has its own secret recipe to bring out fruit or spice elements. Doesn't it sound refreshing already?

At The Shake Affinity, we are passionate about delivering exceptional service and creative drinks. Served by our friendly and outgoing staff, we pride ourselves in delivering an experience you will never forget. These beverages are the first place your guests will look forward to at your event, especially in the hot and sunny Singapore! Executed by our expert crew, we assist you in tailoring your Gin Cocktails to suit your event's theme. 

As the first premium mobile Boutique Gin Bar service provider in Singapore, we are with you every step of the way, from set up to teardown and clean-up. With a service mindset, industry knowledge, and bartending passion, our flair for drinks ensures that you will definitely party in style. 

Contact us if you require further clarifications on the packages and pricing.