Candy Floss Station

This whimsical carnival treat is like nothing else edible. Light like cotton puff dissolving on the lips, leaving only sweetness and a trace of the red dye, this timeless classic continues to delight kids and sometimes, even adults. Lets face it – it ranks high up in the hierarchy of fascinating treats.

Candy floss begins as solid sugar, which is poured into a ring of heating element. While the mass of sugar starts out molten, exposure to the cooler air makes it re-solidify in an instant. The resulting sugar cobweb collects all around the inside of the big pan, and you can use a stick or paper cone to lift it out and wrap it up into the familiar pouf.

Why not make your candy floss extra special with The Shake Affinity's exciting range of novelty flavours and toppings. Pick from a range of toppings for us to serve, or create a self service toppings bar.

Flavours available
Pink Vanilla . Strawberry . Blue Raspberry . Watermelon . Yellow Banana . Peach . Toffee . Orange . Lemon . Cinnamon . Toasted Coconut . Orange Pina Colada . Green Apple . Turkish Delight . Lemon Meringue . Caramel . Key Lime . Spearmint . Pear Pandan . Blueberry . Bubblegum . Grape . 

Toppings available

Edible metallic-coloured glitter . Popping candy . Rainbow drops . Flakes . Rainbow glitter . White chocolate parmesan dusting .


Glowing & Flashing Rave Stick Candy Floss 

Just imagine delighting your guests with white candy floss topped with pink glitter, or pink candy floss with pale pink shimmer and last but not least, our blue floss looks fabulous with metallic silver  glitter.

The Shake Affinity spins fresh, multi coloured, fruit flavoured candy floss. We are usually able to colour co-ordinate our candy floss to match the colour scheme for your event, brand colours or wedding flowers. Be it an outdoor alfresco event, indoor carnival, or corporate pantry party, our candy floss station injects an element of childhood innocence and fun that no other food kiosks can otherwise provide. 

By handling all aspects from setting up of the station, prepping and serving the candy floss, to cleaning up and tearing down, The Shake Affinity ensures that you can go hands-free and take care of other aspects of your event with a piece of mind. 

If these fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth treats sound like something you would like, with the manpower staffing and number of hours which you would the station for.