Caricaturists For Hire  

Are Your Looking For Something Different At Your Upcoming Event?

Caricatures are Unique, interactive & fun party entertainment for all ages at private & corporate events.

Full Colour Flattering Caricatures Drawn Live in About 5 Minutes. Your guests will roar with laughter and be especially thrilled as their likenesses appear on paper as if by magic  in a setting of their choice for a custom one-of-a-kind original! Whether it be their favourite hobby, sport or profession! Caricatures of your guests are both memorable and fun. Children & Adults will have a great time watching their friends, family or colleagues magically come to life at your party, special event, corporate function or exhibit booth. Caricatures provide captivating entertainment during the event, as well as a party favour for your guests to remember the event as they take home a humorous sketch of themselves.

Each guest can be drawn alone or with friends or loved ones or whatever! Guaranteed To Be The Hit Of Any Party! A caricaturist makes an excellent addition to your party. Your guests are entertained and get to take home a keepsake that will always remind them of the great time they had at your party.

Options Include:

+ Extra Artists: We have extra artists for larger events. Only the finest specialised artists are hired to do Caricatures!

+ Artist Assistants: Artist Assistant helps speed up the process by handling crowd control, giving out numbers, answering questions and bagging the caricatures so the Artist can just focus on just doing the drawings.

+ Sign-in Boards & Books

+Customised Illustrations: Visual greetings for guests to sign. All sizes available.

+ Posters: Large poster-size panels or 3-Dimensional table art help make a unique and festive party atmosphere.

+Pre-Drawn Custom Borders: Custom borders or bodies are created in advance at our studio and then printed on every page making for a memorable and consistent caricature of your guests.

+Corporate Branding Branding done with logos and mascots incorporated into the designs.

Want to cook up some caricature fun? for enquiries regarding this service.