Cash & Tab Bar

Want to have more control over your expenditure?

The Shake Affinity's Bar Tabs & Cash Bar packages are perfect for having more control and flexibility over the drinks.

As opposed to our free flow bar packages where you pay a fixed price per person for unlimited consumption of alcohol, drinks cash & tab bars are charged by per drink basis. With our drink priced significantly more affordable than most bars, you can delight in the fact that your budget will stretch definitely stretch further. All of these options include a team of staff, including an experienced manager who will liaise with you during the night, all ingredients and equipment. Minimum spend apply.

Consumption packages allow a bar to be set up at any location and tally what drinks go over the bar to guests. This is then charged to the client at the conclusion of the event. The client can allocate certain guests to certain drinks – eg: the bridal party are allowed spirits whilst other guests can have beer, wine and champagne.

Bar Tab Package

You will allocate a set monetary amount to be placed behind the bar and chooses what drinks will be served at the event. As the bar tab depletes, you can opt to extend the bar tab or turn it into a cash bar for guests to pay per drink.

Cash Bar Package

For large or small events, this option allows The Shake Affinity to set up at your private or hired venue and operate like a normal bar. Our detailed point-of-sales (POS) and cash management system allows for a fuss-free function at any location with state-of-the-art cash registers.

Simply provide the area and we will bring the bar to you. Served by our friendly and outgoing staff from The Shake Affinity, our cash & tab bar will add a novel dimension to your party. 

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