Churro Bar 

Not to be mistaken as pretzel sticks, Churro is a sweet Spanish snack in the form of a strip of fried dough pastry (predominantly choux—based) usually dusted with sugar or cinnamon or taken together with dips.

A recent hit in Singapore, these Churros will amp up the cool factor and delight your guests — an ideal addition for alfresco weddings or corporate networking events. To get piping hot churros for that extra crisp, ​set up your own mobile churros station with our Churro Chef (frying the churros only upon order) or opt for the novelty DIY churro bar complete with cinnamon sugar, dippings, sprinkles, and more for your guests to play with! Its a total crowd-pleaser and its not just the kids that will be back for these crispy doughy treats.

Gourmet  Churro Dough

Le Original . Matcha Green Tea . Red Velvet . Oreo . Rainbow . Coated Churro .  

Dipping Flavours  & Toppings 
Cinnamon Sugar . Creamy Butter . Custard . Cream Cheese . Dark Chocolate . Milk Chocolate . White Chocolate . Matcha . Rainbow Sprinkles . Condensed Milk . Crushed Nuts (Peanuts, Hazelnuts) . Almond Flakes . 

Our Premium Churro Bar is available for event hire, with complete set-up and tear-down service provided for a fuss-free experience. As pricing is dependent on number of churro dough flavours, dippings and toppings, number of pax catered for, any special theme desired and number of hours for Churro Chef hire, do feel free to for a non-obligatory quote!