Cold Pressed Juices

Looking to detox? Introducing the only all-new Mobile Cold Pressed Juice bar in Singapore where we serve you your dietary needs in a glass! 

Cold press juicing is a method of juicing where the fruits and vegetables are crushed into a dry pulp, instead of using a centrifugal blade utilised by most conventional juicers. Conventional juicers disintegrates the fruit or vegetable, creating heat in the process which kills off most healthy enzymes and vitamins in the fruit or vegetables, leaving it with less nutrients than in a cold pressed juice.

Cold Pressed Juices Contain Up To 5 Times More

Vitamins, Minerals & Live Enzymes! 

That means it both tastes good AND does good. Cold pressing results in more nutrients being preserved for the body to absorb when drunk. Experts say that we should be getting up to 75% of our diet from raw foods, but the reality of doing that on a daily basis is challenging to say the least. Even if you take vitamins and supplements in pill or powder form, the natural enzymes in vegetables and fruit combine with the vitamins to enhance the body's ability to absorb these nutrients in a way pills have not yet been able to replicate. That's where drinking cold pressed juices comes in.

Our Cold Pressed Juice Bar is the perfect addition to any function. This healthy and refreshing addition will make a lasting impression on your guest with something they have not seen anywhere else! With the aid of The Shake Affinity’s cold pressed juice extractor & juice mixologist, your guest can craft their own freshly squeezed cold pressed juice with a variety of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and etc to choose from. Want alcohol in your freshly squeezed drink, no problem! 

All Shake Affinity Cold Pressed Juice Bars & Added Customization Includes
+ The Shake Affinity’s bartender to assist guest in building their beverages
+ Only one in Singapore that does Cold Pressed Juices slushie from the tap
+ The Ability to add in fresh yogurt to the juices to make a cold pressed yogurt
+ Able to use the juices to create a juice smoothie
+ Adding Protein Powder to make a better after work-out drink
+ Bottling of the juices for storage are also available, live at location
+ Fruit Baskets of Citrus (Lemons, Limes, Oranges) & Seasonal Fruits
+ Variety of syrups and herbs
+ All necessary logistics such as garnishes, ice, table, black linens, straws, napkins etc

+ 2 hrs of service, longer if requested
+ Eco Friendly Bottles/ Cups

+ Cold Pressed Juicer Rental

Our attentive bartender will set up the station from scratch, replenish it throughout your event and will take care of the post-event tear down and clean up. 

We also deliver fresh cold pressed juice at a market priced rate, do note that we do offer bulk and trade orders and would extend a further discount to such orders.

Our Juices Are Gluten-Free, Kosher & 100% nuts free. 

Regardless of the type of cold pressed juice mix, our cold pressed juice bars are sure to form a bee-line queue at your event! Served by our friendly and outgoing staff from The Shake Affinity, these juices add a novel dimension to your party. 

For a healthier choice of cold pressed juice mixes, email us for pricing and package details at