The Shake Affinity's Corporate Event Services

Besides being an established beverage caterer in Singapore, The Shake Affinity is passionate providing the average lay-person a sneak preview into the behind-the-scenes of bartending and mixologist trade to educate corporates on how to appreciate these fine premium alcohols.    

The Shake Affinity conducts workshops which can be set up virtually anywhere in Singapore. Using interactive media and training materials developed exclusively by us, we aim to impart basic bartending knowledge in an entertaining yet educational manner to delight corporate executives.

Never commit a gustatory faux pas. With our wine, beer and whisky tasting sessions, office executives learn to distinguish between an ale and a lager, or a brut, bordeaux and chablis. Develop personal taste and knowledge on food-wine pairings as we teach you how to appreciate the various characteristics and different flavour profiles of these drinks.

Stressing over the hassle of planning a major corporate launch event? Regardless of the nature of your corporate event, with an arsenal of resources and experience under our belt, The Shake Affinity will have the perfect solution for you.

Let us help,​ today for an event proposal.