Cup Corn Station

Remember the times when we had the creamy buttered Corn in a cup? With The Shake Affinity's mobile cup corn service, we bring back childhood nostalgia to your event but with a new twist. We even have new flavours like truffle corn in a cup. Check out the several gourmet flavours available and don't forget to check out our newest kid in the block - The Esquites! 

Gourmet Flavours
Creamy Butter . Jalapeño Cheddar . Country Cheddar . Creamy Parmesan . Seaweed Paprika . Sour Cream Onion . White Cheese . Tom Yum . Kimchi . Cajun . Truffle . 

Check out our latest specialty! 

The Esquites
This Mexican-style corn in a cup turns up the heat with a little jalapeño, complemented by creaminess of the mayonnaise, brightness from lime and saltiness from dry grating cheese cheese. Enjoy it as the great snack it is, as an appetiser or as a side dish! This is your childhood cup corn all grown up. 

Do contact us today! Simply provide us with the quantity needed, your preferred cup corn flavours to and we're good to go.