Professional Emcee Services   

Emcees for both corporate and private events play an integral role in jazzing up and engaging the audience for them to interact with one another. With our professionally-trained emcees, we guarantee that deafening silence and lifeless, non-participative audiences would be a thing of the past. 

Let our charismatic speakers well-equipped with the gift of the gab inject life and energy into your events. Multi-lingual and versatile, our emcees are even able to host events in traditional dialects like Hokkien and Teochew! Here's a preview of the various types of events that our crew of emcees cover: 

Types of Events for The Shake Affinity's Emcee Services

Corporate Events
Corporate Dinner & Dance . Social Nights . Networking Events . Trade Shows . Exhibitions . Road Shows . Exhibitions . Marketing Campaigns . Promotional Events . Meeting & Seminars 

Private Lifestyle Events

Wedding Emcee . Solemnisation . Birthday Parties . Block Parties . Social Events . Private House Parties . Yacht Parties . Anniversaries . 

Community Events 

Block Parties . Community Centre Events . Residential Get Together . School Events . Family Day Events . Award Ceremony . Song & Dance Performances . Carnivals . Promotional Events . Shopping Mall Events . 

To create a lasting impression on your audience,

and we will shortlist several emcees for your selection according to your event needs. As quotation vary accordingly to scale, type, language requirements and duration of event, do email us your emcee prerequisites.