The Shake Affinity's event coordinators are experienced in strategic planning and execution of mobile beverage bars and gourmet food booths at festivals across Singapore. Our most recent endeavour was a collaboration with Asia-Pacific Brewery (APB) for Singapore Beer Fest 2016. Given our technical expertise, industry experience and resources, our inputs significantly reduces the risks of setting up mobile bars or booths for large scale events which can be logistically challenging given the unpredictable nature of unforeseen circumstances. 

Perks of having The Shake Affinity run the bar at your festival
+ A successful bar makes a successful festival
+ A more efficient, enjoyable and safe option for guests
+ Access to database of skilled bartenders, mixologists and other manpower solutions
+ The systems and processes we set in place reduces queue times to a minimum
+ Access to multiple vendors such as security, organisers and relevant authorities
+ Access to infrastructure, large stock quantities​ and enjoy economies of scale

+ Complete responsible alcohol management plans
+ Economically priced drinks

From strategic planning, pre-festival setup, festival launch execution to tear-down, we are with you every step of the way. ​​​Still finding the perfect element for your festival? Look no further. At The Shake Affinity, we just raised the bar. 

To shake things up, contactus@theshakeaffinity.com.