Fortune Telling Services  

Our friendly and skilled Fortune Tellers will mystify your guests with their intense connection to the beyond. All reading are upbeat and done in a manner to boost morale. Our psychics will use their skills and knowledge that have been passed down through generations to ensure that the reading tradition continues. You can guarantee that all of those who have visited our Fortune Tellers will be completely enthralled by what they are told. The readings will not only captivate each and every one of your guests, but the predictions will be the conversation matter for hours after the reading has finished.

A tarot reading from the tarot cards is probably one of the oldest forms of psychic readings. A Fortune Teller can provide a wealth of mystique and suspense with the turn of the tarot cards. From a bygone age, the tarot card tradition is still as strong today as it ever was and a tarot card reading remains one of the most interesting and popular method of psychic readings to any medium, psychic or clairvoyant.

A tarot card reader can suit their tarot reading to suit any event. If time or numbers of prospective guests who require tarot 
readings is of the essence our tarot reading can be shortened to suit. Similarly, for smaller numbers and smaller venues, our psychic readings can go into more detail.

The Psychic Entertainer approaches individuals and groups, standing or at tables and entertains using various incredible and entertaining abilities that will delight guests. It is always the ladies favourite form of 
entertainment at any occasion and really get them talking. Everyone loves to know more about themselves and queues of intrigued and hopeful guests appear very quickly!

Want a peek into the future? Hire professional fortune tellers to enthral your guests for your private parties and corporate functions. Select either an astrologist, numerologist, palmist, tarot card reader or even a mentalist (a crowd favourite!) to entertain your guests with a reading.  

For a psychic experience,