Free Flow Bar 

Free Flow Mobile Beverage and Food Catering for Events
The Shake Affinity provides a complete one-stop free flow bar or beverage and food solution for your events. With our technical expertise, f&b industry know-how, experience and resources, having our inputs significantly reduces the risk of setting up free flow bars.

The Shake Affinity's  "free bar package" and now revolutionised the way people enjoy beverages at events. With the free bar packages we provide absolutely everything that is required for your event's beverage catering needs.

Our Free bar packages are complete hassle free solutions for events of all functions, themes and scale.. Simply pay fixed a price per guest (depending on the type of drinks you want to be served on the menu) and The Shake Affinity provides all that is required to service your function. The price includes the designation of a dedicated team of staff, equipment, all alcohol and fresh ingredients, ice, fruits and garnishes. 

Whether it’s completely wowing your guests or enhancing your brand, The Shake Affinity's Free Flow Bar is guaranteed to . Additionally, our Specialty Drinks are prepared with the freshest ingredients delivering refreshing, mouth-watering flavours guaranteed to have leave your guests gushing over. We take pride in learning about the type of crowd you expect and aim to quench your guests’ taste by offering bespoke specialty cocktails, mocktails, Italian sodas, shakes and more!

Why Have a Free Flow Bar at Your Event? 

Benefits of Free Flow Packages Include

+ An efficient and complete hassle free beverage or beverage with food solution
+ Guaranteed no run outs of any alcohol
+ Enjoy economies of scale with huge variety of drinks
+ You and your guests can drink the night away with peace of mind

+ No stressing over extra payment!
+ All necessary ingredients like equipment, utensils, ice, liquors & garnishes included
+ Complete waste disposal, rubbish removal and clean up at the end of event.
+ A speedy 30 minutes per setup and packing with cleaning up

Our Popular Cocktails

Pina Colada . Margarita . Sea Breeze . Tequila Sunrise . Lychee Martini . Moscow Mule . Cosmopolitan . Lemon Lime bitters . Tom Collins . Planter's Punch . Whisky sour . Old fashioned . Side Car . Daiquiri & last but not least, our newest kid in the block - the cotton candy cocktail (this novel drink will amaze your guests!). 

Our Popular Mocktails 
Virgin Mojito . Pina Colada . Shirley Temple . Virgin Cosmopolitan . Pussyfoot
Governer's smile . Madras fizz . Arizona Sunset

Mix and match your drinks from our selection of cocktails, mocktails, Italian sodas, smoothies, milkshakes and more! Typically, an average recommended duration for our packages is 4 hours per session for guests to completely enjoy their fill. However, depending on your needs and budget, we can work around to cater these packages for events of any duration of time.

Do contact us if you require further clarifications on the packages and pricing.