Frozen Yoghurt Softserve Bar

Froyo and soft-serves may be popping up in town, but what if you can have them stationed right at the comforts of your home or event venue? Make your event extra special with our hassle-free mobile froyo catering service.

Providing a wide assortment of flavours, sauces and toppings, there is definitely an ideal froyo/soft-serve/yoghurt parfait combination for everyone! In addition, you can have more fun with our fully customisable mobile froyo bar. Opt for our premium edition to add novelty flavours into your yogurt with infusions or mix-ins. 

Popular Infusions & Mix-in Selections

Popular choices for infusions includes grated lemon, lime and orange zest or even grated mint. Mix-ins using wine, spirits, fruit purée, marmalade, or nut butters are also excellent ways to dress up your plain froyo. We highly recommend key additions with elements of savoury or sour flavours to balance out the yogurt's sweetness. 

Taking pride in using only the finest ingredients, our philosophy is that real frozen yogurt should be a balance of sweetness and tartness. When your froyo exudes freshness and creaminess, milkiness and fruitiness all at once, doesn't that sound much more appetising than the bland swirly stuff you find in stores? Served by our friendly and outgoing staff from The Shake Affinity, this frozen yoghurt soft-serve bar adds a novel dimension to your party. 

To customise your personal froyo experience, for more details on the types of infusions, mix-in, toppings and sauces that we offer!