Kacang Puteh Station

This is a unique Kacang Puteh is almost a lost tradition in the fast-pace modernisation of Singapore and our pursuit of gourmet snacks. Go back to basics with the our rendition of the Kacang Puteh Station to bring back nostagia and memories of the 90s. Kacang is 'nut' in Malay and Puteh means 'white'. You can expect an the array of snacks on display alongside the iconic conical shaped papers for serving. This vintage favourite is ideal for dressing up receptions as wedding favours, birthday parties, corporate celebrations and more!

Kacang Puteh Standard Package
Chick Peas . Broad Beans . Green Peas . Muruku . Tapioca Chips . Roasted Peanuts Sugar-coated Peanuts . 

Old School Delights Add-on

Gem Biscuits . Wheel Crackers . Haw Flakes Candy . White Rabbit Candy 

Customised Themed Decoration Available! 
As the charm of your bar will come from the serving ware, we recommend renting our quaint containers such as vintage-style tea tins, versatile glass cylinders, bread boxes and all the fancy little labels on sticks. These, together with rustic touches like wood and natural elements like twine, pine cones, dried flowers etc serves to bring out the aesthetic aspects with a cozy, handcrafted vibe. 

With your desired theme, we glam up your Kacang Puteh Bar with classy glass apothecary jars, antique style candelabra, mini topiaries, combined with wood slabs, a kraft paper banner — all the fancy works! 

Simply provide us with your set-up area, preferred kacang puteh mix and add-ons and last but not least, your desired theme for your Kacang Puteh Station display to contactus@theshakeaffinity.com and we're good to go!