Mobile Shots & Shooters Bar

‚ÄčThe Shake Affinity's mobile shot bar was created on the idea that no party will be complete without a round or two of shots. An age old tradition of toasting the occasion and tossing one back is never to be forgotten at any party or occasion. Chilled, neat, layered, shaken, dropped or smashed, no shot is forgotten at The Shake Affinity's Mobile Shots Bar!

What's a Mobile Shots bar?

A Mobile Shots Bars is for serving small glasses of alcoholic mixed drinks called shots, anywhere, anytime. If a non-alcoholic ingredient is added to this mix of spirits and liqueurs, the shot becomes a shooter. Unlike cocktails and beer, both shots and shooters are consumed by tilting the head back and swallowing the whole drink in one gulp. This is what "taking a shot" means.

You provide the area, we will bring the bar to you. This is all that we require. Do contact us if you need further clarifications on the packages and pricing. Just remember, no one gets drunk on just a single shot, therefore is why you must drink loads of it.