Models For Hire   

Hiring models can make or break your marketing campaign. The Shake Affinity places a premium on the professionalism of each and every model that is sent for your event.

Ideal for private events and corporate functions such as editorial, commercial or advertising purposes, our experienced models are not only presentable but also well-articulated before they are shortlisted. This ensures that they would be a professional and positive reflection of whichever the brand they are representing.  

Use our models to create stunning ads, videos, and marketing materials for your products. We have packages allowing you to hire multiple models, hire our photographer, as well as to use our in-house photo-studio at very affordable rates! Hire a beautiful model for your photoshoot, and at very affordable rates!

Simply tell us your photoshoot (1) location, (2) date & time, and (3) preferred looks & outfit. We will respond with 3 of our best models, pick one and you're good to go!

Use our well-trained models to attract potential customers to your trade booth, or at corporate events to engage clients in interactive conversation. Simply let us know the (1) location, (2) date, and (3) purpose of your event, and we will do the rest!

Meanwhile, for enquiries regarding this service.