Muah Chee Station  

One local favourite that never fails to evoke childhood nostalgia is Muah Chee — a steamed sticky dough which is like Singapore's rendition of the Japanese mochi.. 

​We know best muah chee is served piping hot which is why a mobile muah chee station is an ideal event solution to infuse local flavours into your array of light bites. Apart from the usual peanut coated muah chee, The Shake Affinity takes an unconventional twist by offering an assortment of funky muah chee flavours. 

Our Muah Chee Flavours 

+ Le Original: mix of sugar and grated peanut (optional: other grated nuts, almond)

+ Yuan Yang: mix of white & black sesame 

+Fruity Rainbow: mix of mango, lychee, pandan, Ribena & lemon-lime

+Chendol: pandan leaves infused dough with gula melaka & toasted coconut flakes

+Jap-inspired: opt for either matcha with brown sugar or matcha-azuki  

The Shake Affinity takes care of all logistics required from set-up to tear-down to ensure a fuss-free experience. To infuse local flavours and evoke nostalgia in your next event, for a mobile muah chee station! . ​​