Nonya Cakes  

Nothing beats going back to local traditional light bites amidst the flurry of novel recreations and experimental cuisine. For our Nonya Cakes, The Shake Affinity uses only the finest and freshest ingredients available.

Our specially curated menu items are all handmade in a central kitchen, allowing us to accommodate to any dietary requirements and allergy concerns. We offer a wide range of original Nonya Kuehs and innovative renditions for events, parties and celebrations of all kinds. Traditional and unpretentious, these Nonya cakes are sure to hit the spot and evoke childhood nostalgia. 

Nonya Platter​ Selections 

Ang Ku Kueh . Kueh Dar Dar . Ondeh Ondeh . Kueh Bingka Ubi (Tapioca Kueh) . Kueh Sagu . Rainbow Lapis . Kueh Lapis . Kueh Bahulu . Kueh Salat . Kueh Talam (Pandan Coconut Tray Cake) . Pulut Tai Tai (Steamed Blue Pea Glutinous Rice with Kaya) . Sweet Potato Kueh . Puteri Ayu (Steamed Mini Pandan Sponge Cake) . Lemper Udang (Spicy Dried Shrimp Filled Glutinous Rice Roll) . And more .  

*Minimum order: 10 pieces per platter. 

We save you the hassle of having to make your own Nonya kuehs by delivering them directly to your door on the day of your event — ensuring maximum freshness and flavour. 

To shake things up, with your desired options.