Old School Bakes  

​​​Steeped in tradition, old school confectioneries are reminiscent of the 90's and simplicity of those yesteryears. Amidst the rise of novelty desserts and all things with an oozy lava, go back to basics, indulge in these homely bakes and appreciate how the different textures complement each other. 

From swiss rolls, marble cakes, butter cakes to moon pies, The Shake Affinity have something perfect for just about any occasion — you and your guests will definitely be spoilt for choice! Just like how we do our cocktails and beverages, The Shake Affinity takes pride in providing only thoughtfully curated bakes and cakes of the finest quality.

Ideal for hosting parties for foreign guests to give them some insights to Singapore's local old school delights.  

Our Selection of Old School Confectionery 

Peanut Pancake (Min Jiang Kueh) . Png Kueh . Soon Kueh . Traffic Light Butter Cake . Chocolate Fudge Cake . Butter Cream Swiss Rolls . Fresh Cream Swiss Rolls . Old School Butter Cream Cakes . Old School Sponge Cakes​ . Pandan Cake . Butter Cupcakes . Chocolate Marble Cakes . Tutu Kueh . Putu Piring . Bean Curd Tarts . Moon Pies . Tau Sar Piah (Mung Bean Biscuits) . And More!   

*Minimum order: 10 pieces per platter. 

These Old School Bakes are all handmade in a central kitchen, allowing us to accommodate to any dietary requirements and allergy concerns. We save you the hassle of making your own old school cakes by delivering them directly to your door on your event day — ensuring maximum freshness & flavour. 

To Customise your very own old school confectionery platter, feel free to contactus@theshakeaffinity.com with your enquiries regarding this service.