Pantry Parties 

Just imagine. It's 6pm on a Friday. The stressful work week has ended, but there is still loads of backlog to be done. Desperately needing your favourite drinks, but alas, the realisation sinks in - Deliveroo and Ubereats do not deliver cocktails or mixes.  

Fret not. The Shake Affinity is here to bring the party right to your office pantry. With our bartenders and mixologists working their magic, suddenly overtime work don't seem all that bad after all. With overtime work to clear or not, your colleagues will thank you regardless. These office parties are ideal for farewell or surprising your colleagues for their birthdays or just celebrating a company progress milestone. 

Kick back those high heels, and let your hair down.

Drink in the comforts of your own work-desk and see the office in a different light. Rejuvenate in the newfound calmness and tranquility of the transformed atmosphere before. Simply let us know what do you would like to see on your drinks menu, or any customised creation you would prefer. Hungry? Of course you are. Not to worry, we have our food caterers working hand in hand with us to provide you with savoury canapés, desserts, dim sum and more. 

For a personal TGIF bar to let your hair down,