Professional Personal Concierge Service 

Set your distinguished VIP guests or foreign delegates apart and wow them with a bespoke butler-cum-personal concierge service. Our unparalleled network of contacts ensures that we provide our clients with a detailed and seamless experience of only the very best life has to offer.

First, our Lifestyle Managers seek to understand your unique interests, passions and motivations. With this knowledge, we shortlist and showcase a set of bespoke services for your perusal. Be it major sporting events, classical concerts, musicals, fashion shows, and nightlife entertainment, The Shake Affinity relieves you of all hassles and connects you to your interests in an instant. In class of its own, our Professional Concierge Network consisting of Lifestyle Managers, Nightlife Execs and Butlers will take care of your requests in a highly impeccable demeanour. 

From cigar cutting, tea brewing, wine tasting session, whisky appreciation to fine-dining etiquette, our butlers only deliver service with the highest of standards for your exclusive events. At The Shake Affinity, we will handle all minute and major aspects of your life like laundry delivery, ticketing, administrative tasks and event planning needs so you can take a backseat and simply enjoy the moment.  

Be it the mundane, unusual, extravagant and the downright exquisite, no request is too small or ludicrous for us. With The Shake Affinity, you can enjoy exclusive dining benefits including priority access, pre-booking, complimentary cocktails or birthday cake, nightlife benefits such as priority access to unique guest-list events, priority table bookings as well as VIP access to clubs, suites, sky terraces and more! 

We believe in going the extra mile to exceed your expectations, striving for quality and perfection in our each and every execution. Essentially, what The Shake Affinity is really selling is the prized asset – time because:   

Time is one thing we all lack, but it is also the hardest thing to give someone.

For a night of extravagance with a touch of classic flair, relax and simply to let our professional concierge take charge.