Photographer & Videographer Services

It is said that a good snap shot keeps a moment from running away while a well-video-graphed highlight reel preserves the whole experiential process.  

At The Shake Affinity, our videographer's and photographers' extensive portfolios guarantees quality snippets for your every event. Be it your anniversary, wedding, birthday bash or farewell party, our videographers and photographers perfectly capture these moments frozen in time.

With our crew of photographers and videographers ranging from hobbyists, freelancers, junior professionals to senior professionals, there is definitely someone that fits the bill for your budget requirements. 

Besides professional photography, we also offer Instax polariod photography, photobooths, themed photography props and more! Play around with your creativity and make your eventful precious memories last a lifetime. 

Fully customisable theme props and backdrops available! 

Our professional photographers and videographers specialise in event photography, videography and have ventured into the newly introduced drone photography and aerial photography. 

Let us up the ante and capture your event in a new light. To capture moments, for photography and videography rates.