Single Malt Whisky Bar

If there was any one single spirit that could truly be called a gentleman’s drink, it would be whisky. Often found accompanying a cigar, whisky has grown to become the classic drink of choice amongst the affluent and the jet-setting types.

Did you know that whisky is the fastest growing in all of the alcoholic beverage industry? Especially in Singapore, whisky culture has become evermore popular, with consumers becoming progressively more educated and interested in unique whiskies, from Scotch to Japanese to American and even Australian and Indian whisky. The soaring popularity of whisky inspired The Shake Affinity to come up with the perfect solution.

Just imagine enjoying your choice of whisky or sampling an assortment of varieties from the comforts of your chill-out haven; without all the unwanted hassle. Wouldn't that be perfect for unwinding after a long day’s work? 

Drink Your Stress Away! 

Be it having your whisky neat, on the rocks, old fashioned, as a sour, or just simply with water or soda, there are definitely many ways to enjoy your whisky. Low in fat and containing virtually no cholesterol, it boasts multitude health benefits such as promoting heart health and helps one become less tense as it relaxes the muscles. It also helps open arteries up and improves circulation, which takes more stress off your body and leaves you feeling much better.

Served by our friendly and knowledgable staff from The Shake Affinity, we pride ourselves in delivering the only professional Mobile Single Malt Whisky bar service in Singapore, from set up to teardown and clean-up.

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