Corporate Alcohol Tasting Session 

Learn to distinguish between an ale and a lager, or a brut, bordeaux and chablis.   Develop personal taste and knowledge on food-wine pairings as we teach you how to appreciate the various characteristics and different flavour profiles of these drinks. 

Exotic beer Tasting Session
With over 20,000 brands of beers worldwide, there is an almost endless variety you could be drinking. The Shake Affinity selects the 8 most interesting beer styles (8 kinds of beer for 8 kinds of guys - discover your beer identity!) such as the Plisner, Pale Ale, Stout, Wheat and etc, and brings you through the interesting backgrounds of the different beers. Jot down all the interesting trivia and tasting notes to indulge your inner beer nerd.  

Epicurean Wine Tasting Session
There are so many different types of wines worldwide for example: red wines, white wines, rose wines, sparkling wines, dessert wine and port wines, etc. The Shake Affinity selects the 5 most interesting wines and lets you sample them, while giving you some basic knowledge as you enjoy the flavour profile of each wine. We educate you on the differences in acidity of each wine and bring you through the various fermentation processes. Pay attention and you will be spewing newfound terminologies like a real epicurean in no time. 

To impress your colleagues with alcoholic beverage knowledge like a true blue connoisseur, for enquiries regarding these services. ​​​​