Trade Shows & Trade Tasting

The Shake Affinity is Singapore’s preferred beverage supplier to many leading companies in the corporate market. Offering an extensive range of bespoke themed-cocktails as a form of corporate branding option, The Shake Affinity aims to be a distinguishing factor helps your company stand out at trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and corporate conferences. 

Promotional Drinks for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs & Corporate Conferences 
Attract potential clients and VIP customers with The Shake Affinity's range of promotional drinks exclusive for trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs. They will be in for a treat! 
Our cocktails and mocktails are of the highest quality and standard. Besides lending an air of sophistication for your booth to stand out from the crowd, you can be assured that both you and your guests will be satisfied and impressed with our beverages. 

The Shake Affinity's Promotional Drinks Solution

The Shake Affinity's has been providing a one-stop promotional drinks solution for an array of different products and services for trade show events across various industries. Using only premium alcohols and providing skilled bar staff that will tend to your guests with high levels of professionalism, we have everything covered so you can simply mingle with your guests with a peace of mind. The success rate has been phenomenal with us at your helm; it is not uncommon to see significant increase in traffic to your stand which then increase valuable leads. See key decision makers like managing directors, CEOs and office executives being reduced to kids in a candy story as they watch our charismatic bartenders mix up their favourite drinks. Now, hand them that drink and its the perfect time for you to entertain them. 

To shake things up at your next trade show, customise your very own fancy themed beverage bar. Contact us for further clarifications on pricing and packages.