Wedding After Party Services

Reception formalities, checked. Now, its time for your revellers to have a good time. 

With the night still young, don't let the good times come to a close. After all, any bride will tell you that the wedding after party is where the real fun begins. 

It's essential have an after-hours game plan for you to bring on the glitz and glamour and impress your guests. Not sure how to do it? 

The Shake Affinity is here to get the party started. 

Quench their Thirst 
Depending on your budget, one option is to have an open bar or free flow bar of pre-selected drinks. Mix and match your drinks from our selection of cocktails, mocktails, Italian sodas, smoothies, milkshakes and more! Typically, an average recommended duration for our wedding after-party package is 3 hours per session for guests to completely enjoy their fill. 

Our Popular Cocktails
Pina Colada . Margarita . Sea Breeze . Tequila Sunrise . Lychee Martini . Moscow Mule . Cosmopolitan . Lemon Lime bitters . Tom Collins . Planter's Punch . Whisky sour . Old fashioned . Side Car . Daiquiri & last but not least, our newest kid in the block - the cotton candy cocktail (this novel drink will amaze your guests!). 

Our Popular Mocktails 
Virgin Mojito . Pina Colada . Shirley Temple . Virgin Cosmopolitan . Pussyfoot
Governer's Smile . Madras Fizz . Arizona Sunset

Feed the Crowd
After hours of drinking and dancing, your guests are bound to get hungry. Whether you opt for an open bar at your after-party, you should also offer your guests something to snack on. Vary the look of reception and the after-party. If your main dish at dinner was salmon, a sushi bar at your after-party might be fish overload. Are your guests picky eaters with epicurean taste buds? The Shake Affinity is now offering a full range of sweet and savoury gourmet food catering options. Otherwise, it doesn't have to be too fancy - mini burgers, fries, and milkshakes makes a tasty supper snack.

Regardless of the number of guests, The Shake Affinity's gourmet food selections are guaranteed to satisfy. We maintain only the highest level of quality by using the freshest ingredients and providing impeccable attention to detail in every aspect of our service. 


+ Talent: DJ, emcee, models & brand ambassadors, fortune tellers, dancers, fortune                  tellers, jugglers, stilt-walkers, ballon-sculptors and etc   
+ Effects: indoor stage pyrotechnics, mid-level fireworks, format projector
                        screening, laser show 

Still finding the perfect element to jazz up your party? Look no further.
At The Shake Affinity, we just raised the bar. to get the party started.