The Shake Affinity’s Alcoholic Beverage Catering

The Shake Affinity is Singapore’s best and most recognisable mobile bar and beverage caterer, offering a full range of alcohol and beverage catering services. Run by a well-known industry specialist, we look after every aspect of the beverage and alcohol catering side of your function. 



Not Just Your Average Alcoholic Beverage Catering

You can opt to hire a complete mobile bar setup of highly skilled licensed bar staff, assorted range of glassware, syrups, alcohols and all other required equipments. As a premium mobile beverage catering service specialist in Singapore, we possess both the capability and experience to consistently create outstanding functions time and again. Regardless of the number of guests, our alcoholic selections are guaranteed to satisfy.  


Coffee Cocktail that was curated with coffee from Nespresso for Michelin Night

Cocktail Catering

The Shake Affinity has reinvented the way cocktails are produced for events. With no compromise on quality, The Shake Affinity creates delicious cocktails allowing guests to feast their eyes on the bartenders as they go about mixing, muddling and shaking the freshest ingredients right before their eyes.


Bar Shots Catering

No party will be complete without a round or two of shots. A age old tradition of toasting the occasion and tossing one back is never to be forgotten at any party or occasion. The Shake Affinity's mobile shot bar was created on the idea that no party will be complete without a round or two of shots. An age old tradition of toasting the occasion and tossing one back is never to be forgotten at any party or occasion. Chilled, neat, layered, shaken, dropped or smashed, no shot is forgotten.


close up of people cheering with tequila shots
Watermelon and kiwi Popsicles paired with red and white wine for sweet cravings

Prosecco Pops

Imagine having a grown-up version of your childhood treat or a dessert which shares the same identity as a drink. With our alcoholic popsicles, all of this is possible! Now you see why are Singapore's essential mobile bar service? This is one of our famous selections from the alcoholic beverage catering selections!


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Beer Catering

Some of us feel that the best way to end the day is with an ice cold beer in an ice cold glass. If you feel the same then this will be perfect for you. Oh and did we mention that this bar service is fully mobile as well?


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Close up of a glass of beer on mobile bar counter
Boutique Gins Mobile Bar

Boutique Gins Bar

Gone are the days when gin was only your grandma's drink of choice. "Vodka, for grownups." That's how some people see gin, the distinctive smell of juniper setting in apart from its clear, odourless neighbour at the bar. With the alcoholic mobile bar, we are about to change that mindset.


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Wine Catering

Fancy some perfectly chilled white wine or room temperature red wine to pair with the awesome food which you just catered for or cooked? Well look no further, here at The Shake Affinity, you can order your wines based on consignment or through a free flow package to suit your event requirements.


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Wines lined up on mobile bar counter
close up of alcoholic jello shots for Hardwaremag event

Jello Shots

Ever wanted to have a dessert and drink at the same time? Well, look no further! Our Jello shots are sure to be a delight for your event's cocktail needs. Yeap we know, this is really something unique especially for a mobile bar service.


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Single Malt Whisky

If there was any one single spirit that could truly be called a gentleman's drink. It would be whisky. Often found accompanying a cigar, whisky has grown to become the classic drink of choice amongst the affluent and the jet-setting types.


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Whiskey on the rocks in rock glass


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