The Shake Affinity’s Corporate Branding

Looking for a way to have consumers remember your brand? Not getting enough brand exposure? Enhance your corporate branding by imprinting it on our artisanal bottled cold pressed juices, Italian soda, bespoke mocktails, and more! 


Marketing in the 21st century done with a twist, our handcrafted brews, innovative drink-ware, mini corporate cocktail kits and bartending peripherals are sure to draw the limelight to your brand. Both options are ideal as corporate gifts for consumers, your VIP clientele, and building your corporate brand recognition in Singapore or at industrial trade shows. . 

cocktails with dry ice effect

Bottled Cold Pressed Juiced, Mocktails With Your Corporate Branding

Tell us your story, and we will craft a signature mix that resonates with your brand in terms of colour, taste and personality. This will leave a unique impression on your guest as well as the wider audience. Take is as a novel form of advertising. When your client drinks from a novelty bottle with your corporate brand, there a tendency for others nearby to check out the drink and the branding. 


This essentially is a subtle form of “soft-sell” subliminal guerrilla marketing technique which is more effective in raising brand awareness as compared to in-your-face hard-selling strategies. No matter how large scale your event may be, The Shake Affinity always delivers. 

Customised Drinkware or Mini Bartending Kit With Your Corporate Branding

The Shake Affinity also offer customised disposable drink-ware and mini cocktail bartending kit which you can dress up with either a company logo, motto or slogan depending on your preferences. Other small novelty bartending peripherals that are popular with the masses include company branding on screw-on covers of mason jars, mason shaker kit (a twist from conventional cocktail shakers) and customised 3D logo drink stirrer. 


Overview shot of TSA premium cocktail kit


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