Cocktail Catering Reinvented 

The Shake Affinity has reinvented the way cocktails are produced for events. With no compromise on quality, The Shake Affinity creates delicious cocktails allowing guests to feast their eyes on the bartenders as they go about mixing, muddling and shaking the freshest ingredients right before their eyes.

Close up of lychee martini, yuzu collins and mojito on mobile bar counter

Fast & Efficient Cocktail Catering Services

The speed in which our highly trained cocktail mixologists can create these gourmet cocktails is crucial in ensuring a smooth running event. In addition, we develop our own alcohol infusions in order to design unique and unforgettable cocktails – unsurpassed in taste and quality. Our reputation for excellent cocktails at events has taken The Shake Affinity team to key events all across Singapore.

Specialty and Themed Options 

We are able to create cocktails of any theme to suit your parties’ genre. To stay on top of international trend, we are constantly revamping our menu and designing new drinks for every event. Experience our cocktails with any of our free flow bar packages or order a fixed number of drinks for your event.

Vibrant cocktails on top of mobile bar top

Our Popular Cocktails

Pina Colada . Margarita . Sea Breeze . Tequila Sunrise . Lychee Martini . Moscow Mule . Cosmopolitan . Lemon Lime bitters . Tom Collins. Planter’s Punch . Whisky sour . Old fashioned . Side Car . Daiquiri & last but not least, our newest kid in the block – the cotton candy cocktail (this novel drink will amaze your guests!). 


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