The Shake Affinity’s Bar Consulting Services

The Shake Affinity operates a Bar Consultancy Service, where our Principle Bartenders can be made available by request to survey and offer professional support to venues experiencing business mismanagement. We are experienced in offering strategic solutions by assisting suffering establishments in highlighting problem areas and implementing administration solutions, setting up support systems, organisation techniques and staff training programmes. All of which leads to immediate and long term benefits. 

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Experienced and Professional

Our knowledge and skills on bar consulting are requested throughout Singapore, which brings our Master Bartenders to collaborate with hotels, conference, wedding venues, restaurants and bars to successfully remonetize and re-invigorate their bar scene. Typically, bars which approach us are in need of a fresh perspective. Small but useful changes including empowering staff with new skills and re-vamping a cocktail menu, both of which improves morale and have a cumulative knock-on effect.

Bar Consulting Services Focus Areas

+ Bar service
+ Bartender skill, speed and efficiency
+ Bartender product and general beverage knowledge
+ Bartender interaction and personality
+ Customer service and sales techniques
+ Mise-en-place
+ Cleaning schedules
+ Bar setup, layout and organisation

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bar operating

7 Aspects of Bar Consulting Services Offered

1. Location Assessment

Consulting service comprises of a location assessment, where our master bartender spends a minimum of one guest shift behind the bar to experience the vibe of the environment and get a sense of how the bar service is run.

2. Report or Proposal

A report is then issued to the client explaining the various problems and concerns discovered, highlighting problem areas that could be improved upon. The report will offer solutions with a customised proposal that can be implemented within your establishment as a programme to consolidate your bar service across all facets of the business of running a bar. The proposal covers the focus areas as listed. 

3. Menu Design

Our menu designs service utilises your brand personality, the themes and culture of your establishment and represent it into a consolidated product. We also train your staff to grow their sales skills which adds to their skills repertoire behind the bar.

+ Menu design for (food, drinks, cocktails etc) and recipe card implementation
+ Costing of all beverage items
+ Cocktail menu design with recipe cards
+ Design a unique menu of signature cocktails and bespoke mixes for consumers
+ Creating uniquely designed and themed drinks 
+ Work on cocktails’ taste-profiles and ensuring that they are efficiently and

   consistently prepared
+ Budgeting strategies that increases profitability (drink ingredients, costings, etc)

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4. Stock Administration

Our stock administration offering drills down into the numbers side of the business, with a structured look at managing and maintaining bar stock as well as the spectrum of attention to detail required to manage your bar. 

+ Systems implementation/ Bar administration
+ Stock management
+ Stock sheet implementation
+ Storeroom and bar stock system
+ Par level implementation
+ Stock taking techniques
+ Stock requisition system
+ Purchase order for purchases
+ Management made aware of problem theft areas

5. Quotation

A quotation proposal will be developed from our survey and experience of the venue. Our proposed programme can be customised to fit your budget and can be implemented over a specified duration of time. Our approach is a hands-on, solutions based action-plan to address problem areas.

6. Point of Sale

The Shake Affinity’s consulting has a strong focus on the development of sales and marketing strategies. Our consultant will advise you and train your staff on the various techniques to up-sell customers into spending more at the bar.

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bar operations going on

7. Audit, After Action Review (AAR) & Evaluation

An audit and evaluation is supplied at the end of our consultancy programme. When required, we can return and review progress on a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month basis.

At The Shake Affinity, we revolutionise businesses one bar at a time. If you think your bar could benefit from our advice, get in touch with The Shake Affinity to explore how we can help you get your bar business back on track!


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