You may not be able to buy happiness but you can buy Cakes & Pastries

The Shake Affinity has an array of cakes & pastries for your event needs. Whether its traditional nonya cakes to old school bakes. We have the perfect solution and selections for your cakes & pastries cravings!


Assorted Nonya Cakes for dessert food catering

Nonya Cakes Catering

Nothing beats going back to local traditional light bites amidst the flurry of novel recreations and experimental cuisine. We offer a wide range of original Nonya Kuehs and innovative renditions for events, parties and celebrations of all kinds. Traditional and unpretentious, these Nonya cakes are sure to hit the spot and evoke childhood nostalgia. 


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Old School Bakes Catering

​​​Steeped in tradition, old school confectioneries are reminiscent of the 90's and simplicity of those yesteryears. Amidst the rise of novelty desserts and all things with an oozy lava, go back to basics, indulge in these homely bakes and appreciate how the different textures complement each other. 


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Freshly baked pandan cakes on plate
Assorted pastries and small cakes on a platter

Pastries Catering

Need something to go with your tea or coffee? Fret not. With a wide spread of pastries inspired from Korean, Taiwanese and even French desserts, we got you covered. Pair with some great wine and you're all set.

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