The Shake Affinity’s Lion Dance Performances

Celebrating Lunar Chinese New Year is more than simply handing out mandarin oranges during house visits.


Usher in the the Lunar New Year with our Lion Dance troupe (also known as “Cai Qing”, literally translated as “wealth invitation”) or have our God of Fortune (“Cai Shen Ye”) pay you a visit and you will be roaring to the bank in no time. Just remember, a little luck goes a long way! 


Jazz up your CNY celebrations and impress your guests! From strategic planning of the lion’s entry, pre-festival setup, festival launch execution to tear-down, we are with you every step of the way. ​​​Book early to enjoy special rates and to avoid disappointment (these lions comes in limited numbers!) 

Perks of Having The Shake Affinity run your Lion Dance Opening Ceremony

+ Punctuality (you wouldn’t want to miss the 
+ Two Lion Heads, God of Fortune, Festive Drumming with Four Drums & Cai Qing
+ One-stop events solution allows you to take the backseat and enjoy the show
+ Access to multiple vendors such as security, organisers and relevant authorities
+ Access to infrastructure, large logistics quantities​ and enjoy economies of scale

+ Customise with our top corporate CNY festive drinking games, bonding activities  
+ Customise with our Chinese New Year Cocktail specials & other standard pours

+ Economically priced and holistic corporate or private CNY Festive plans 


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