The Shake Affinity’s Sweet Cravings Catering

Planning for a in house high tea session? Be sure to find something to suit your sweet craving needs and the best part is that we can provide the beverage catering aspect for you as well. Everything all under one-roof.


Assorted Popsicles paired with tea as part of food catering services

Alcoholic Desserts

Introducing the all new Alcoholic Desserts Catering in Singapore!  Having a sweet tooth but want to have some alcohol at the same time? Our Alcoholic Dessert Bar is the perfect addition to your party. This unique way of enjoying alcohol and desserts together will leave a lasting memory to your guest with something they have not seen anywhere else! In conclusion, these dessert will add a novel dimension to your party and you won't be disappointed.


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Mobile Churros Bar

Whether its a DIY churro topping bar or a churro live station where the frying and toppings are added for you, these Churros definitely will amp up the cool factor and delight your guests — an ideal addition for alfresco weddings or corporate networking events. Our churros bar is available for event hire, with complete set-up and tear-down service provided for a fuss-free experience. Those guests with a sweet tooth, their sweet cravings will be satisfied.  After all, who doesn't like churros?


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Bunch of Churros with icing sugar
close up shot of yogurt in cup for sweet cravings

Frozen Yoghurt & Softserve Catering

Froyo and soft-serves may be popping up in town but what if you can have them stationed right at the comforts of your home or event venue? Make your event extra special with our hassle-free mobile froyo catering service which provides a wide assortment of flavours, sauces and toppings! In addition, you can have more fun with our fully customisable mobile froyo bar. Furthermore, wouldn't it be great to cool off from Singapore's unforgiving weather?


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Traditional Desserts Station

Add a tinge of local flavour to your event with our popular traditional Singaporean desserts. Made from scratch the way our grandmas did it with only the freshest ingredients, these treats are guaranteed to hit the sweet spot any day. Reach out to us to learn more about the selections that we have to offer!


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Close up of a bowl of chendol
staff spinning candy floss

Mobile Candy Floss Station

This whimsical carnival treat is like nothing else edible. Light like cotton puff dissolving on the lips, leaving only sweetness and a trace of the red dye, this timeless classic continues to delight kids and sometimes, even adults. The candy floss can even be incorporated into your drink! Cool down and have your sweet cravings satisfied at the same time, how great is that!


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