With Luscious Flavours to Choose From, it’s a Culinary Delight With Our Gourmet Popcorn Station

From butter popcorn to our new peanut butter cup, Kentucky honey BBQ to orange and cream flavoured popcorn, there’s a flavour for everyone on your guest list. Take a look the flavours we have for our popcorn station services, select your own tin and choose your flavours and we’ll send it off for you.


Gourmet Candied Flavours

Premium Caramel . Butterscotch . Mochachino with Almonds. Rainbow . White Chocolate . Dark Chocolate . Palm Sugar . Sweet Crusted Wasabi . Sweet Crusted White Cheese .

Gourmet Savoury Flavours

Belgian Butter . Jalapeño Cheddar . Country Cheddar . Creamy Parmesan . Seaweed . Wasabi . Sour Cream Onion . White Cheese . Tom Yum . Kimchi . Cajun .

Seasonal Flavours

White Chocolate Parmesan . Red Velvet Cheesecake . Nutella . Peanut Butter .

Close up of popcorn in box

Why opt for our Fancy Gourmet Popcorn Station?

Fancy Pop Popcorn Buffet Bars are the prefect touch to any event or celebration. Beautiful and delicious, our popcorn bars are sure to wow you and your guests.
Handcrafted, GMO-free and halal certified with zero trans fat, our popcorn is hard to beat! Whether your preference is savoury or you prefer something a little sweeter, we just enough options to please everyone



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