The Shake Affinity’s Lifestyle Events

Have a yacht party, pool party with friends or just chilling by the beach?

Don’t worry, wherever you are, just hit us up and The Shake Affinity will be there. With shatter-proof glassware, you will be able to take your drinks with you the pool and walk bare-footed without having to worry about cleaning up broken glass fragments if a glassware shatters. This ensures full enjoyment every second of your party instead of worrying.

Lifestyle Events Redefined

To up the fun factor, shake things up a little with the cult favourite Beer Pong. As the only mobile beer pong service provider in Singapore, do highlight with us if you want this unique game as part of your lifestyle event package.


We serve cocktails, mocktails, beers, wines, soft drinks and juices. As a bonus, we conjure up new concoctions on the spot, as long as your bar has the necessary liquors. If your guests are feeling peckish, feel free to add some savoury canapés, desserts or dimsum into the event package mix bag!


Home Parties & Events

Find a better way to go all out and have a night of fun with your friends! Why lose your way home in the wee hours of the morning when you can bring the bar to you? Invite your friends to your crib and have some drinks crafted by a professional mixologist (not to mention it’s way affordable too!).  


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Wines and beers mobile bar service for a house party
Happy clients posing with their drinks during yacht party

Yacht Parties

Whether on land or on sea, the drinking never stops. How about taking The Shake Affinity out with you on your next voyage? Be it to a nearby island or the open seas, we keep our bar  fully stocked with all the booze you have order. Invite your friends to on a yacht, order some drinks and have a fabulous time with our professional bartenders and mixologists.


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Poolside Parties

Think of having a pool party, but don't have the suitable glassware for it? Not to worry, at The Shake Affinity, we have the best acrylic glassware which is 100% unbreakable. It is most cost efficient as well.


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Pool side party setup


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