The Shake Affinity’s Cold Pressed Juice Bar

Our Cold Pressed Juice Bar is the perfect addition to any function. This healthy and refreshing addition will make a lasting impression on your guest with something they have not seen anywhere else! With the aid of The Shake Affinity’s cold pressed juice extractor & juice mixologist, your guest can craft their own freshly squeezed cold pressed juice with a variety of fruits, herbs, vegetables, and etc to choose from. Want alcohol in your freshly squeezed drink, no problem! 

Apple, watermelon and orange fresh juice in cups on mobile cold press juice bar top

Cold Pressed Juice Bar  Benefits

Cold press juicing is a method of juicing where the fruits and vegetables are crushed into a dry pulp, instead of using a centrifugal blade utilised by most conventional juicers. Conventional juicers disintegrates the fruit or vegetable, creating heat in the process which kills off most healthy enzymes and vitamins in the fruit or vegetables, leaving it with less nutrients than in a cold pressed juice.

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