The Shake Affinity’s Jello Shots Mobile Bar

Ever wanted to have a dessert and drink at the same time? Well, look no further! Our Jello shots are sure to be a delight for your event’s cocktail needs. Yeap we know, this is really something unique especially for a mobile bar service.

Close up of jello shots for HardwareMag

Customised Jello Shots

Let us know what you want to taste and see in your jello shots. Got an upcoming campaign or marketing movement which requires a tangible outcome?

Fancy Some Cocktails?

Pina Colada . Margarita . Sea Breeze . Tequila Sunrise . Lychee Martini . Moscow Mule . Cosmopolitan . Lemon Lime bitters . Tom Collins. Planter’s Punch . Whisky sour . Old fashioned . Side Car . Daiquiri & last but not least, our newest kid in the block – the cotton candy cocktail (this novel drink will amaze your guests!). 


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