The Shake Affinity’s Pool Parties 

Think of having a pool party, but don’t have the suitable glassware for it? Not to worry, at The Shake Affinity, we have the best acrylic glassware which is 100% unbreakable. It is most cost efficient as well, because, if you do happen to break glass inside the pool, you will need to have it cleaned and washed to ensure there are no glass fragments in the pool. The weight of the glass is also lighter, after a long day of swimming in the pool, it would not be so tiring on your hands. It still looks and feel exactly like real glass, as well as being a better insulation for your drinks to keep it cold in Singapore’s hot weather.  

Pool side party setup

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We are able to serve cocktails, mocktails, beers, wines, canapes, soft drinks and juices at your pool party. Mobile BBQ stations can be set up and arranged for you with a BBQ Chef to whip up good meals for you and your guest while you lose yourself and enjoy! 

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