The Shake Affinity’s infused Water Catering Services 

An addition of a self-service infusion jar bar to any of our packages is a creative option that your guests will definitely love. Choose from our detox options, rejuvenating range, and more! With all the various fruits, garnishes and herbs to experiment with, our infusion jars allow you to be as decadent as you like with your beverage options. 

Two jars of grapefruit rosemary fresh fruit infused water

Infused Water Catering is Suitable For Any Event

Be it a sports event, office opening, office pantry services or even as a thirst reliever at your mobile bar. Let us delivery the health benefits to you while you focus on the task that you set out for yourself for the day.

Mix & Match From Our Beverage Selection Below!

+ Iced Tea
+ Peach Infused Iced Tea
+ Lemonade
+ Strawberry Infused Lemonade
+ Citrus Infused Ice Water
+ Cucumber Water with Mint & Lemon
+ Strawberry Basil Lemon Water
+ Watermelon Mint Lemon Water
+ Grapefruit Rosemary Water
+ Pineapple Orange Water
+ Strawberry & Raspberry Infused Waterp m .


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