The Shake Affinity’s Corporate Events

Besides being an established beverage caterer in Singapore, The Shake Affinity is passionate providing the average lay-person a sneak preview into the behind-the-scenes of bartending and mixologist trade to educate corporates on how to appreciate these fine premium alcohols. 


The Shake Affinity conducts workshops which can be set up virtually anywhere in Singapore. Using interactive media and training materials developed exclusively by us, we aim to impart basic bartending knowledge in an entertaining yet educational manner to delight corporate executives.

Revolutionizing the Way Corporate Celebrations and Gatherings Are Done With Our Corporate Event Services

Never commit a gustatory faux pas. With our wine, beer and whisky tasting sessions, office executives learn to distinguish between an ale and a lager, or a brut, bordeaux and chablis. Develop personal taste and knowledge on food-wine pairings as we teach you how to appreciate the various characteristics and different flavour profiles of these drinks.



Stressing over the hassle of planning a major corporate launch event? Regardless of the nature of your corporate event, with an arsenal of resources and experience under our belt, The Shake Affinity will have the perfect solution for you.


Specialty cocktails lined up in order for Speedo Media Day

Corporate Launch Events

Put a spin on regular promotional events to create the greatest viral corporate launch. ​Whether your goal is to raise brand recognition, drive sales, or increase consumer awareness, The Shake Affinity keep things wild, fresh and crazy to amp up the wow factor for your corporate launch. With an all-encompassing event and entertainment professionals of various trades and industries on our Shake Affinity team, we are a one-stop solution that develops a holistic approach to meeting your company's corporate launch needs.


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Bartending & Mixology Workshop

Learn how to shake, muddle and stir it up like the best with our professional mixologists and bartenders. Beginning with basic bartending 101 workshops, progress to intermediate level cocktail-making and finally, advanced mixologist classes as you work your way up to becoming a true blue bartender and mixologist! One of our most sought for corporate event services.


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Bartending and Mixology Workshop setup at Marina Bay Residences
Emcee and happy guests participating photo challenge on stage during D&D event

Gala Dinner

The Shake Affinity is here to jazz up your Gala Dinner. With our bartenders and mixologists working their magic, event coordinators planning all aspects of the night such as entertainment, setup, execution and tear down, The Shake Affinity ensures smooth running and successful Gala Night for your company. You will never have a more effortless and seamless event execution.


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Trade Shows & Trade Tasting

The Shake Affinity is Singapore’s preferred beverage supplier to many leading companies in the corporate market. Offering an extensive range of bespoke themed-cocktails as a form of corporate branding option, The Shake Affinity aims to be a distinguishing factor helps your company stand out at trade shows, exhibitions, fairs and corporate conferences. 


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Mobile non alcoholic bar for expo asia 2019 as part of corporate event services
Mobile bar services at wework pantry

Office Pantry Party Services

Just imagine. It's 3pm on a Friday. The stressful work week has ended, and what a better way to invite the weekend party starting with drinks directly at your pantry.


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Bar Consulting

The Shake Affinity operates a Bar Consultancy Service, where our Principle Bartenders can be made available by request to survey and offer professional support to venues experiencing business mismanagement.


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Close of up bar setup as part of corporate event services
row of wine glasses lined up

Alcohol Tasting

Learn to distinguish between an ale and a lager, or a brut, bordeaux and chablis.   Develop personal taste and knowledge on food-wine pairings as we teach you how to appreciate the various characteristics and different flavour profiles of these drinks. 


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Corporate Branding

Looking for a way to have consumers remember your brand? Not getting enough brand exposure? Enhance your corporate branding by imprinting it on our artisanal bottled cold pressed juices, Italian soda, bespoke mocktails, and more! 


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Close up shot of mocktails for corporate launch


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