The Shake Affinity’s Event Staffing Solutions

In the events industry, nothing matters more than the quality of service rendered by the event staff. We are aware that our event staff are the frontline – both at the first and last point of direct contact with clients which is why we place a premium in only running a tight crew of well-trained professional staff for event hire.


The Shake Affinity’s attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

We take pride in this detail-oriented mindset and instil this into each and every hand-picked staff. As an experienced event-based establishment, we strive to be Singapore’s foremost premium event hire provider that firmly guarantees only top quality service for a memorable night for both the client and their guests.

We Know That for Staffing Solutions, Nothing Matters More Than the Quality of Service

Our passionate crew will accompany you every step of the way for all your event needs.  Still finding the perfect element to jazz up your party? Look no further. We, the people at The Shake Affinity, are here to set the bar. 

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Perks of Engaging The Shake Affinity's Staffing Solutions


Save a ton of time and man hours in your payroll department. You write one check and we handle the rest.


We do all the legwork to find the staff you need. We will find the teams, screen each one and assign shift times according to your instructions. Want to take a mor ehands on approach, we can set up Skype meetings for you to meet the teams.

Onsite Group

Leadership: Each team has a contact person that you can go to with any onsite issues that may arise. This person-in-charge makes decisions for the team regarding shift availability or any other issue that may arise with their team. (Provided at no additional cost)

Long-Term or Short-Term Assistance

If you find yourself in a crunch, last minute and need some people for a few hours to help you but don’t want to spend a lot of time training them, give us a call. We have experienced Event Staff all over Singapore that would require minimal instruction to get you moving again. Below is a list of some of the types of staff we have provided in the past.


Bartenders dressed as money heist characters

Talents For Hire

Now that you have your food and beverages sorted out, you can worry about the entertainment portion! The Shake Affinity has a plethora of entertainment solutions for your event and the best part is, its all under the same roof!


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Manpower Hire

Over at The Shake Affinity, we understand how troublesome and frustrating it is sometimes to outsource certain services and thus we have a list of services which you may pair with your event to help ensure a smooth service and a pleasant experience while you and your guests worry about enjoying yourself.


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Emcee for Dinner and Dance
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Now Hiring

We are constantly expanding! If you enthusiastic, driven and want to be part of a group of fun and growing group, let us know!


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