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We have made its mark in the hospitality and event industry by providing unique, upscale furniture and accessory rentals to socialites’ hangouts, red carpet events, corporate events, conferences and for trade show event professionals. Our creativity and service strengths combined with our expansive inventory make us a go-to resource that many leading industry companies readily rely on for event furniture rentals.

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Indulge yourself with our versatile event furnishings such as lounges, café and bar tables, lighted cubes, and many other trend-forward outdoor furniture, from traditional to modern styles. With multiple types of seating, bars, tables, and accessories suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, we have just what you need to take any event from good to great.


And if you have a more unique idea in mind, we can work with you from planning to execution to create a custom design. From tiffany chairs to LED cocktail bars and rustic wooden benches, our venue set-up conceptualists will create the ideal environment for an unforgettable event experience. 

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