The Shake Affinity’s Gourmet Trail Mix Bar

Artisanal nuts for a gourmet trail mix bar is all the rage for casual parties and rustic-themed wedding receptions. Not only does it sit pretty on the counter, it also keeps your guests entertained as they gather around to personalise their own favourite mix. 

The Shake Affinity sets out your favourite nuts, oats, dried fruits and berries, and even chocolate coated assortments, gourmet candies and marshmallows. Set out a tempting selection by offering your guests an eye-catching assortment of ‘mix’! Get a balance of sweet and savoury with chocolate chips, M&Ms, seeds, cashews, peanuts, and almonds, mini marshmallows, and pretzels. Spice them up with wasabi, cajun or hot bbq flavourings, the possibilities are endless!

close up of assorted nuts

Customised Themed Decoration Available!

As the charm of your bar will come from the serving ware, we recommend renting our quaint containers such as vintage-style tea tins, versatile glass cylinders, bread boxes and all the fancy little labels on sticks. These, together with rustic touches like wood and natural elements like twine, pine cones, dried flowers etc serves to bring out the aesthetic aspects with a cozy, handcrafted vibe. 

With your desired theme, we glam up your trail mix station with classy glass apothecary jars, antique style candelabra, mini topiaries, combined with wood slabs, a kraft paper banner — all the fancy works! 

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