The Shake Affinity’s Whisky Bar 

If there was any one single spirit that could truly be called a gentleman’s drink, it would be whisky. Often found accompanying a cigar, whisky has grown to become the classic drink of choice amongst the affluent and the jet-setting types.


Just imagine enjoying your choice of whisky or sampling an assortment of varieties from the comforts of your chill-out haven; without all the unwanted hassle. Wouldn’t that be perfect for unwinding after a long day’s work? 



Two bottles of Glenlivet on shelf for mobile bar activation

Drink Your Stress Away 

Be it having your whisky neat, on the rocks, old fashioned, as a sour, or just simply with water or soda, there are definitely many ways to enjoy your whisky. With our whisky bar, anything is possible!

Fancy Some Cocktails?

Pina Colada . Margarita . Sea Breeze . Tequila Sunrise . Lychee Martini . Moscow Mule . Cosmopolitan . Lemon Lime bitters . Tom Collins. Planter’s Punch . Whisky sour . Old fashioned . Side Car . Daiquiri & last but not least, our newest kid in the block – the cotton candy cocktail (this novel drink will amaze your guests!). 


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